Sam the Minuteman


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作 者:Nathaniel Benchley



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Sam's family lives on a farm in Lexington, Mass.; one night his father wakes him up and tells him to get his gun, because the British are coming. "Benchley's expressive words and Lobel's vivid drawings portray a realistic story," PW wrote.


"Get your gun!" Sam's father said. "The British soldiers are coming this way!" Sam's father was a Minuteman. Sam was ready in a minute.
Father and son rushed to the village green. Other Minutemen were already there. Through the long night they waited and waited. Then, at dawn, the soldiers came!

In this exciting I Can Read Book, Nathaniel Benchly recreates what it must have been like for a young boy to fight in the Battle of Lexington. Arnold Lobel's vivid pictures give a poignant reality to the famous battle that marked the beginning of the American Revolution.


Nathaniel Benchley is the highly-respected author of many historical I Can Read Books including Sam the Minuteman and George the Drummer Boy, among many others.
Joan Sandin is the author and illustrator of the I Can Read Books The Long Way Westward and The Long Way to a New Land. She has also illustrated Snowshoe Thompson by Nancy Smiler Levinson and Thomas Lewis's Clipper Ship and Hill of Fire. Ms. Sandin lives in Tuscon, Arizona.