Curious Baby My First Nursery Songs (Curious George Book & CD) 乔治宝宝的第一本儿歌


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作 者:Rey H. A.

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Designed to help students ages 8-14 with homework or a school project, this revised and updated book is also an interesting and enjoyable resource to browse. Organized chronologically and then thematically, the encyclopedia divides history into 10 time periods, from "The Ancient World 40,000-500 B.C." to "The Modern World 1950-Present Day." This last section concludes with the "War on Terror" and has information current to 2003.
Each section begins with a two-page spread showing "The World at a Glance," a map, and brief text highlighting events that were occurring on each continent during the period. This is followed by approximately 20 one- or two-page topical entries. Non-Western cultures are represented. For example, "The Renaissance" includes entries on the Aztecs, Safavid Persia, Japan and China, and the Songhay Empire. In addition to text, entries have boxes showing key dates, a running time line at the top of each page, maps, and numerous illustrations, almost all of them in color. Each large chronological section concludes with a series of pages that give overviews of the arts, architecture, and science and technology. A highly useful ready-reference section at the end of the volume provides the names and dates of a variety of rulers (for example, Roman emperors, popes, kings and queens, presidents, prime ministers) and ancient Egyptian and Chinese dynasties. A list of major wars and a brief listing of Web sites are also provided.

Students will find this tool useful and engaging, and adults will enjoy browsing through it as well. School and public libraries will want to purchase this update and circulate older editions. Shauna Yusko
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Perfect for curious babies everywhere, this book of music and lyrics features five beloved nursery songs: “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Little Miss Muffet,” “Here We Go ’Round the Mulberry Bush,” “Pat-a-Cake,” and “Humpty Dumpty.” Original artwork by H. A. Rey from 1943 brings these classic song characters charmingly to life.

Joyce Raskin and Chick Graning, of the popular band Scarce, and Matt White provide the original music for half an hour of listening time. With tips on how to share the words and music with babies, this is an ideal gift for expectant and new parents. A free downloadable song will be available at